Do you have some lyrics looking for a melody? Perhaps you need a backing track or some instrumental music to accompany a movie, an image, a physical space? Would you like me to help write a catchy jingle that you'll never get out of your head?

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Audio Recording

With experience recording soloists, bands and choirs, I can capture your musical performance at my home studio in Doncaster East.

Some options available to you are:

  • Individual vocalist or instrumentalist, with or without a pre-recording backing track
  • Small groups, bands and singer/instrumentalists, recorded in one go
  • Bands, with the option of recording each instrument individually over multiple sessions
  • Help with the production elements of your composition, completing the ideas you bring
  • Compiling an accompaniment or backing track, either on an acoustic piano or by sequencing electronic instruments
  • Small choirs (up to about 15 people) recorded in your usual physical configuration
  • On-site recording available, for a live performance or a recording session. Extra fees will apply

I have a Yamaha baby grand piano available for accompaniment, tuning up and workshopping. I use studio quality equipment from brands such as Presonus, Rode and Yamaha.

Pricing depends on many factors, but will generally be around $400 per half day in the studio. For straightforward projects with only one or two musicians, a couple of hours will be enough to record and produce a song. For more complex arrangements and greater numbers of musicians, this could increase to the point where each track takes more than a day. Good planning and rehearsal before the recording session will reduce the time taken and can generally reduce costs to within your budget.

Please contact me with your ideas and requirements for getting your ideas down in a form ready to keep and/or distribute to the world. I can discuss some options with you and then give a better idea of timing and cost.